5 Netiquette Guidelines for Online Students

Online learning may feel so alien, especially to students who are really completely into classroom teaching. Getting comfortable enough to be able to learn may take much longer. So during classes remember that other students may be going through a similar experience. Thus, it is important for you to remember that to learn as a unit, discipline and etiquette will go a long way. It is completely reasonable to not know the rules from the start especially having transitioned from classroom to online tuition classes.

So, if you are an online student struggling with the do’s and don’ts of online learning, here are our top 5 netiquette guidelines for online students.


Yes, a rule similar to classrooms but to be taken even more seriously over online learning. Not only should you avoid this during one-to-one sessions but also during text/ email conversations. Yelling in all scenarios can come across as particularly rude and unnerving. Consider your fellow students when you consider raising your voice or typing in all caps. Not only will it hinder the class and teaching, even if you’re simply looking to express your opinion, but it will also end up with no one taking you seriously no matter how valid your point. Remember the saying “empty vessels make the most sound”?  Thus, it is the first point we wanted to bring to your attention. 

  • Use the chat box wisely

Nobody likes pointless spamming. If you have ever had to clear out your Message/ email inbox you will understand what I mean. So next time you are about breaking your texts, comment on every aspect of the lesson or simply ask a lump of questions together, rethink your decision. Is the text break necessary? Is your comment important? And can the questions wait for later or be directly emailed to the teacher? If yes, then change the course of your actions and settle for the alternative of crowding the chatbox.

  • Grammar time

This is especially important for online classes because they are not in person and the teacher can not hear you. There is no tone of voice, intonation or body language to go by. esenyurt escort Which is why it is necessary to use your words wisely in a way that truly expresses what you are trying to get across. So don’t shy away from the commas and question marks. Put your years of grammar lessons to use.

  • Submit files the right way

Submitting your assignments on time has always been very important. So make sure you clearly discuss with the respective subject teacher the format and platform in which you are to submit your assignment. And unless something very urgent comes up, stick to the instructions given. In case you are unable to follow the instructions, give your teacher a few days notice before so you can work together to come up with an alternative. This basic rule could affect your marks and it would be pointless to lose marks over something so minor.

  • Read first

Whether it be instructions, the textbook or just the shared group chat where the topic is discussed, make sure to follow this suggestion. Online classes do not follow the simple process of you asking a question and getting an answer immediately followed, within minutes. Asking a simple question would require a whole text message/ email on your behalf and the waiting time for someone to read it and then respond. You could save everyone the trouble by just going through the textbook several times or the earlier group discussions to ensure that your question can not be obviously answered by available resources. This is an easy follow up to point 2, use the platform wisely and consider others’ convenience.