6 Tips to Remember While Preparing for The TOEFL Test

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam used to measure English language command of non-English speaking people. It is a very significant exam if you plan to study abroad. You can give TOEFL through the internet or in paper form. Here are a few tips you should follow if you plan to learn TOEFL online (belajarTOEFL online, which is the term in Indonesian).

Practice Effortless Reading

The reading section of TOEFL expects you to read some paragraphs aloud and answer questions regarding those paras. To develop fluent reading, read anything- newspaper, magazine article, even novels, aloud. After reading a few paras, enquire yourself. Create your questions and answer them. Read again and evaluate yourself.

Practice Listening Online and Offline

In the listening section, you have to answer questions after listening to monologues and dialogues. You can exercise listening in different ways. There are videos, songs, and radio podcasts available online that can help develop listening skills. Offline, you can listen to movies and shows (with subtitles) as well as real people talk. Note down difficult words (if any). Stop your clip after every few minutes and question yourself regarding it.

Learn to Write or Type Correctly and Fast

TOEFL expects you to write/type 2 essays in 50 mins or 45 answers in 25 mins. To complete these within the time frame, you must know your grammar and vocabulary. Write anything (even diary, email, or Facebook post) daily within 15-20 mins. Dedicate your last 5 mins to check grammar. The same steps go for practicing typing. You can use a few websites to check grammar and spelling.

Practice Speaking Alone and With the Company

No matter if you are alone or with some others, practice speech. Talk aloud to your pets, any inanimate object, even yourself in front of a mirror. Repeat words to practice pronunciation. While speaking in front of others, ask for their feedback.

Indulge in Practice Tests

It is wise to take practice tests before going for the real one. There are various sites on the internet where you can find such tests. These tests will help you get accustomed to the test environment and question type.

Keep on Learning Actively and Passively

You actively learn when you learn with a goal in mind. For example, memorizing something, listening carefully, etc. Passive learning occurs naturally and doesn’t require any effort. For example, watching a favorite movie multiple times, reading a compelling book, speaking without any learning goal, etc. If you want to learn TOEFL online (or offline), you should learn both actively and passively.