Advantages of using a flatbed printer

The reason flatbed printing has risen in popularity is that flatbed printing uses UV inks. When these UV inks are subjected to UV wavelengths, they cure into a solid coating that securely adheres to the substrate. Furthermore, flatbed printing allows printing on a variety of substances without preparing them for any size or shape outside of the overall dimension of the bed.

The process of flatbed digital printing is also environmentally friendly since it produces less indoor air pollution and wastes fewer cartridges. Furthermore, since no silkscreens or printing plates are required, flatbed printing allows for the production of shorter runs of signs at a low cost. Another option of digital printing is to opt for the fiber laser option. Check out fiber laser machine Malaysia for all your fiber laser needs.

Here are the possibilities and benefits in case of a large-format UV flatbed printer


Many materials can be used on a flatbed printer. The common materials used on such printers are:

  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Acrylate
  • PVC
  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic
  • Last
  • Would
  • Metal

And many more.


Those days when you could not print with white ink are gone. Since UV flatbed printer has a white ink capability, it can easily create specialty applications and high-value backlit images on any flexible or rigid object or material.

You can select white as a sports color on any of the non-white substrates: light-colored paper, glass, metal, or corrugated cardboard while printing with a flatbed printer.

Spot while printing

If you want to cover the entire image area where the ink is to be printed, you can use the flood fill data provided by the printer.

Day or night flood white print option

Flatbed printing allows for day or night or multilayered friends on the clear substrate by utilizing white as the diffusion layer and reverse printing on the backside.


For architectural aspects,, for example, where the choices are virtually unlimited as building owners, flatbed printing is an excellent option for branding. With the ease of flatbed printing style, the signage can be unique and authentic as its business. The reason businesses opt for this method, including the architectural elements where there are endless opportunities, is because, in this method, designers, building owners, architects, and different communities can combine their function and form.


Flatbed printing allows for the incorporation of more ecologically friendly products. Since flatbed printers can print on any material and use very few cartridges, they are extremely efficient. Furthermore, the inks use your toxic compound, and the light source is ozone-free. Therefore, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, UV flatbed printing should be your option. Check out UV flatbed printer supplier Malaysia for all your flatbed needs.


Flatbed printing eliminates the need for frequent signs replacement because the ink stays protected from the environment. This prevents cracking or fading off the collar. Furthermore, in the case of UV flatbed printing, the print times are much shorter. This allows the business owners to produce high-quality products in-house more accurately and rapidly.