Best JEE Study Material Compared FIITJEE, ALLEN, Kaysons and Resonance Review By IITians

Having a proper study material is the key to success in JEE many company claims to have the best study material making it confusing for the student as per which contain should we go ahead with so we have compared the best study material for JEE to help you make a decision will be mentioning the drawbacks of each and every study material as well as the benefit

FIITJEE study material review

FIITJEE is a prominent name when it comes to JEE preparation started in 1992 do it has a huge experience. The benefit of the study material is that it contains a lot of questions the drawback is that most of the questions are of difficult level and very difficult for an average student to answer hence it is very demotivating for average students

Rating: 9/10 for topper while 4/10 for avg. students

Allen study material review

Allen has made his name in medical but as far as Engineering exam is concerned the study material provided by Allen for JEE have a lot of similarities with that of medical Now since the gravity of questions JEE is much more than that of medical the content is not up to the mark.

Rating 4/10 for topper while 7/10 for avg. student

Resonance study material review

Resonance started in 2001 by teachers breaking up from Bansal they have a huge experience. The content is good but not updated that regularly if you pick up the content or dlp of resonance since 2011 the content seems to be very similar hence I will not advise you to go ahead with outdated content

Rating 5/10 for topper and 8/10 for avg. Student

Kaysons study material

The best part about the kaysons study material is that it includes video lectures for JEE as well as video for Neet preparation. The study material which is provided by kaysons has everything explained in the videos to make it easier for students to understand. In the study material for kaysons they do not have any questions instead they have questions on the website with is updated on regular bail what we really like about the study material from kaysons is that the questions you practice on the website you can ask and view doubts of other students for each and every step which is something missing in all other study materials

Rating 8/10 for topper and 8/10 for avg. Student

Our conclusion is that even the resonance Allen and FIITJEE has a old name but started in 2009 kaysons education has seem to really master the art of giving study material for students who do not wish to take any coaching for JEE or west to prepare from home for JEE