Certified Spoken and Written English Short Courses

Offering a wide range of career options, many institutions in Melbourne have short courses designed to meet specific job requirements in different areas. The courses are meant for both fresh and experienced students. Duration, course material, content, teaching methods are prepared by qualified trainers with practical experience in the field. 

Students after completing the course obtain theoretic and practical knowledge to perform efficiently in their job assignments. Good training and practical skills gathered give them enough confidence to apply lessons learnt at their workplace and contribute to achieving a progressive career. 

Flexible timing options provided for Melbourne short courses allow people to attend the course along with their regular job schedule and assignments. The overall duration also helps people to gain knowledge in a relatively short amount of time. 

One other main advantage of the courses is the accreditation provided post successful completion of the training. The accreditation allows people to fulfil the necessary legal guidelines in case of specific jobs. 

Communication is an essential part of any job requirement and it requires people to have minimal knowledge of the native language. Nonnative speakers may lack proficiency in the English language and hence require specialised training. Multiple choices of courses are available to improve knowledge of the English language. Each course is designed based on the extent of knowledge required for students to meet their needs in daily life, job and further studies. 

Certificate iii in spoken and written English is one course intended to provide training required for gaining fluency in speak and writing of the English language. The course gets students to get more involved in the language and improves their familiarity to converse daily and all other scenarios. 

The course is aptly designed for those who wish to improve overall command over the English language. Ability to listen, speak, pronounce, read and write the English language are core areas on which the course is focused. You can join renowned English tuition centre in Marine Parade, Singapore.

On completion of the course, the English language skills of students are expected to be at an intermediate level of knowledge.