How much Support does the Reopening of Schools this Fall Gathered from Teachers 

These are torrid times with the pandemic affecting the lives of the people across the world alike. Amidst the pandemic, there has been strong resentment by the people for the reopening of schools and other places. However, with the thought of schools reopening this fall, numerous teachers in different states have been unwilling to attend schools. More than half the teachers opposed the decision of the state for resuming in-person classes across different states. 

According to a survey conducted by Fishbowl, a majority of teachers opposed the reopening of schools in their states. More than half of the total numbers of teachers were opposed to resuming in-person classes. The results brought forth by the app saw a staggering number of teachers opposed to the opening of the schools in their states. The teachers opposing the reopening of schools thought it better to be safe at home than endangering the lives of the children during the times of the pandemic. 

Despite there being a difference in opinion of the teachers in different states about resuming in-person classes, the number of teachers opposing the reopening of the schools was staggering high as compared to the number of teachers willing to attend in-person classes. The survey revealed as much as two-thirds of the total population of the teachers in the schools opposed the resuming of in-person classes. Only a mere 51% of teachers were willing to attend schools during the fall in a particular state. It gathered support from different states as well, but not more than 41% and 39% of the teachers willing to teach when the schools reopen. 

Most teachers were concerned with the repercussions of reopening of the schools amidst the coronavirus outbreak. They thought it to be no less than endangering the lives of the children during the times of the pandemic. The teachers also miss the classrooms, but the present scenario is about the safety concerns of the children from the pandemic. 

The teachers wish the states were clear on their decision-making to provide consistency in the states. The teachers belong to the classrooms, but they want to teach only when it is safe for everyone.