How Phillip Sanders Approaches Songwriting

It is true that many people have had inspiration come to them during unusual times, but the truth is that this is much more unlikely than it seems. So, the best advice you can take is to work hard and make sure that inspiration doesn’t take you by surprise, but instead comes to you when you’re sitting down to compose music. Even if you don’t know what to write about, just start jotting something down. It is the best and the only way forward: the blank page is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Phillip Sanders, a professional musician and a talented investor, has quite a bit to say about writing music. Many of his songs have been featured on top charts throughout Europe, and he’s also been featured in the Texas Country Music Association. 

However, he’s not just a musician. Phillip is also an avid investor, and has made many astute investments that have generated fantastic returns. He has primary investments in the Oil and Gas sector. But, since songwriting is his passion, here are a few tips that he has to share. 

Listen to a lot of music

The best way to learn to create something is by being in contact with the forms of creation that interest you. This means that if a person wants to learn to paint, he has to see paintings, if a person wants to learn to dance, he has to see others dance. So, if you want to learn to make music, you have to have a lot of music.

Listen to everything, a lot of what you like and at least some of what you don’t like; you can always find good ideas in each song. This, in addition, will help you achieve your own style; what is essential to succeed or, at least, pique your interest.

And when you’re listening to music, you can’t ignore the classics, those songs that have made history; listen and pay close attention to every detail.

Enjoy other forms of art

In order to write music, it is necessary to become a musician, which is an artist; and all artists have a special sensitivity. So you have to develop and strengthen this sensitivity. The best way to do this is to be in constant contact with a diversity of artistic expressions: photography, cinema, literature, painting, theater, sculpture; but above all with music and poetry.

Poetry is one of the closest forms of literature to music; In the verses of these texts we can find musicality, rhythm, rhymes and a lot of substance, this is what every musician wants for his creation. Being in contact with poetry is of great help to develop an artistic criterion that will be highly beneficial.

Contact with art will help a lot to those who want to become a composer, since they will develop skills that will allow them to create, even without realizing it.

Share your passion

It is no coincidence that most successful singers have been part of a duo or group before going solo. This is because sharing a passion fuels it. Talking about music and compositions or a person who is interested in the same thing will be able to attract new ideas, new forms and it will be possible to achieve better creations. Also, two or more heads think more than one; input from others is valuable.

Likewise, it will be very stimulating to be able to share the passion for music with other people. This allows the project of writing music to be more lasting and much more successful. It’ll also give you lasting satisfaction, as it does for Phillip Sanders.