How to reward good behaviour in young children

Discipline is an important thing to consider for every parent. Whilst it’s often thought that you need to come down hard on bad behaviour, it’s even more crucial to reward good behaviour. This reinforces what they’ve done right and encourages them to repeat these actions again and again.

In this guide, you’ll find some of the best ways to reward good behaviour in young children.

Praise them

This is the simplest place to start, but it’s often overlooked. Start with verbal praise that is appropriate to what they’ve done. This gives them perspective on what’s important. For example, saying thank you shouldn’t get as much praise as a good grade for homework.

You can also use physical praise such as hugs and kisses to show your child that they’ve done something good.

Let them enjoy some screen time

If your kids love cartoons, then why not let them enjoy a cartoon or two to reward their good behaviour? The good news is that this can be a great educational activity as well as a fun reward. If you show them the right free kids cartoons, they’ll have fun and learn some important life lessons at the same time!

Take them out for the day

When your kids achieve something big, you can do something big to reward them! This could be a trip to the park, or the shops to buy a special treat or anything you think they may enjoy. This means that you’ll be able to reward your child and have a great day out too!

Enjoy a special activity with them

Taking your kids to the zoo, cinema, aquarium, or any other activity is a great way to reward good behaviour! Be sure to save these outings for extra special achievements otherwise you’ll run out of places to go and money to pay for these activities.

Let them spend extra time with friends

Everyone loves to spend time with their friends, so why not use this as a reward too? You can even coordinate with other parents and make this a group reward for all of the kids involved.

Give them their favourite meal

Everyone loves food, which is exactly what makes it the perfect reward for your little one. If this is a meal you can cook at home, make sure to make an occasion out of it. If you need to take them to their favourite restaurant then you simply need to keep an evening free in your diary.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great ways to reward your little one for their good behaviour, these are simply some of our favourites. No matter which method of reward you choose, ensure that you make it clear that you are rewarding their behaviour so they understand why they are getting this special treat and strive to get it again.