Part-time PGDM programme at IMI Bhubaneswar – Here’s what makes it worth it!

A lot of people find it easy to quit their jobs, change cities, and go back to campus in quest of a course that will provide their careers a much-needed push. The rest may want to take the path of part-time MBA or PGDM programmes. Here, we focus on the latter!

Although enrolling for a part-time PGDM in a top institute in India is certainly not for everyone, yet several people significantly benefit from it at one point or the other. This is so because even though doing a job in a corporate setting inevitably leads to a managerial role in the future, many people notice that they are just not prepared for the shift. Here’s when directing time towards pursuing something value-adding and insightful comes into play. Doing a part-time post-graduate diploma in management from IMI Bhubaneswar can prove to be a wise choice if:

  • You are a working professional and wish to study
  • You are satisfied with your work profile but want to move up the corporate ladder
  • You would like to match up your experiential management skills with theoretical knowledge
  • You find yourself juggling to make ends meet without a monthly salary for pursuing higher education
  • You belong to technical background and look forward to foraying into more of a managerial position

If you are someone falling into either of the above-mentioned categories, a part-time PGDM in India’s top institute like IMI holds several advantages, such as:

  • No need to quit the security of having a full-time job for education
  • A chance to develop leadership skills through IMI’s interactive lectures, robust mentorship module, group and team activities, and participative and challenging learning pedagogy
  • Exposure to innovative teaching pedagogy through lectures and discussions, role-plays, national and international level case studies, simulation and gamification, and real-life projects
  • Access to new-age courses at par with industry standards. This encompasses subjects like digital marketing, blockchain, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, supply chain analytics, and behavioral finance
  • Facility of blended (online and offline) learning mode, which in turn offers flexibility to working executives
  • The opportunity to seek guidance and learning from international faculties, to participate in international conferences and round table, and to enroll in certification courses offered by international institutions 
  • IMI B alumni membership for future career growth

Other than these, there are many more perks that come with enrolling for part-time PGDM in the top institute in India like IMI. And hence it’s said, doing a part-time specialized course has its distinct appeal that very few understand. Those who do, become the recipients of a high-end, formalized course, which opens more and more doors to better opportunities to both, the working professionals, as well as students ready to kick-start their work lives. A part-time PGDM programme from IMI B is a great alternative to pursuing a full-time course if you are short of time, money, and energy!