Take Up Teaching As A Career

For many people, the idea of being able to teach and help others achieve things is a powerful motivator as a career choice. However, before taking up teaching, in any of its various guises, there are several things to consider.

What type of coach or teacher do you want to be? If you love working with young children then obviously a career as a nursery or primary school teacher is going to interest you. If you prefer teaching adults, you could look at teaching at a college, becoming a university lecturer, or taking up a specialist instructor role within a particular industry.

Whichever you choose, you’ll need the appropriate training and skills yourself. Many places offer teacher training. From universities to colleges, and specialist centers for lecturers and instructors in particular industries or professions, there’s a whole lot to choose from when it comes to getting a teaching certification.

Further, you can opt to attend a training establishment in person, or do it online via distance learning. If you go with the latter option, make sure the center offering the training is legitimately accredited, and that the teaching certification you’ll end up is valid, recognized, and makes you employable in your chosen area.

Teaching is a seriously special occupation. Teachers are the ones tasked with training future generations of leaders, business people and professionals in all walks of life. From scientists to medical personnel, lawyers, police officers, emergency workers et al – they all need to be taught to read, write, use a calculator, think for themselves, and eventually their career skills as well. You’ll be equipping them with some of these skills as one of the many teachers in their lives.

Much Needed Teaching Skillsets

Teachers need certain skill sets themselves but unfortunately, not all of them do. Many futures have been adversely impacted because of substandard teaching at a critical point in someone’s life. Good teachers should be motivators as well as educators. They should be able to instil a love of learning, or light a passion in their students to do what they’re being trained to do. Good teachers also know how to present subject matter in a way that students clearly understand. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a teacher like that yourself, you’ll know how valuable they are.

As a teacher, you will also be required to keep abreast of current advances and the latest knowledge in your field. Some fields of teaching are more prone to continual updates and changes than others. If you happen to teach in one of them, be prepared to spend a lot of time keeping yourself well informed.

If you’ve chosen a career working with children and youth, you will also need good disciplinary skills. You’ll have to know, or learn, how to exercise control of a class in non-violent ways and without fear or favor. In many countries, the days where a good caning or some other form of physical punishment is permitted are long gone.

Make A Difference – Become A Fire Instructor

One of the teaching fields where you can make a significant and active difference to the community is within the fire services. As a Fire Instructor 1, you will be responsible for helping to train our frontline firefighters. You’ll be teaching them how to perform their jobs competently and safely. It’s an important job, with specialist training that can be done either through your state’s fire college or academy, or online by enrolling in the relevant classes for this certification.