The Main Idea Behind Chicago Style Citation

When writing a paper, one has to know how to add citations properly. There are several styles of those. Today, we’ll discuss the Chicago Style citation. Using Chicago style citations, writers avoid plagiarism situations. Let’s learn more about this kind of a paper format as well as the main rules one has to follow here.

The most important thing to know about it

First of all, one has to understand that this kind of citation differs from others. In this case, the writers turn to the note-bibliography type. The citations require footnotes and bibliography entries. Together they organize in-text citations. To deliver high-quality papers, a person also should know the rules of using Chicago Style citations.

The rules to take into account:

  1. Both footnotes and endnotes reference pieces of work in the text.
  2. The cite itself is accompanied by a superscript number.
  3. The numbers of citations must be in sequential order.
  4. Every number corresponds to a certain citation, quote, etc.

If you plan on using this citation style, you’ll still have to create a list of all the sources used for the paper. While the bibliographic at the end of the chapter is acceptable, some instructors demand full bibliography at the end of the paper. Consult your instructor to get the needed guidelines.

Keep in mind that footnotes must be at the bottom of the page. Endnotes go to the end of the chapter or whole project. They all have to be written in the proper format. The latter depends on the source you use. Whether it’s a book, a video, or a magazine article, each source has certain peculiarities. If you want to know even more about Chicago Style citation, go to and find more profound information.