The Perse School: Tradition, Values, and Academic Excellence

The Perse School in Singapore is an institution steeped in 400 years of British history and based on tradition, values, and academic excellence. Initially located in Cambridge, England, the Perse School opened its first international branch in Bukit Timah, Singapore, in January 2020 and is available to children ages six to eleven. Every child enrolled there learns in a nurturing environment ideal for developing independent and critical thinking, open-mindedness, and respect for others. The tuition plans are also extremely affordable, and the school itself is all-inclusive and has a diverse student body.

The Perse School is an international school in Singapore that is open to students of all cultures and backgrounds. Every teacher there works closely with all their students to teach the ingrained values that make the Perse School unique. Those values include intellectual curiosity and scholarship, breadth and balance, endeavor, and respect for others and the environment. Every student who passes through the front doors learns to unlock their potential and retains skills to help them later in life and their chosen careers.

Challenging Young Minds

The Perse School in Cambridge has been challenging young minds for 400 years, and the international location in Singapore aims to follow in their footsteps. With principal Claire Bell leading the diverse student body, and deputy principal Roger Teng backing her up, the students look up to both educators as role models and leaders. Every teacher employed at Perse has a passion for shaping young minds and teaching the necessary skills to excel in life. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular programs that are available to every student.

Academic Excellence

The Perse School follows the British Primary learning curriculum, a proven system for producing excellent academic performance. However, there’s a Singapore twist to it: the students learn Singapore-style math, which uses lots of visual learning aids, and they also have Mandarin classes every day. The British Primary method also focuses heavily on math and science, and the school has two hands-on science labs and puts emphasis on a wide array of extracurricular activities, like sports, drama, music, and art. Every student there thrives in classrooms with small student-to-teacher ratios that foster positive learning relationships and skill-building.

Fostering Exemplary Values

The Perse School is built on a foundation of values with 400 years of British history behind it. Each of these critical values is taught to every student enrolled.

  • Intellectual Curiosity & Scholarship: Students should question everything, think creatively, and use knowledge as a tool to learn and grow.
  • Endeavor: Students will learn to grow into their potential and develop resilience and critical thinking when faced with hardships or challenges.
  • Breadth and Balance: Students fully engage in all that Perse has to offer, including academic and extracurricular activities to learn exemplary balancing skills and time management.
  • Respect for One Another & the Environment: Students learn to embrace all diversity and cultures, and to treat others and the environment with kindness and respect.

The Perse School: A Place to Learn and Grow

The Perse School located in Bukit Timah, Singapore is an institution based on 400 years of British history and traditional values, as well as educational excellence. Open for ages 6-11, every single student there learns from passionate and nurturing teachers who promote a sense of camaraderie and put an emphasis on learning independent life skills. Led by principal Claire Bell and the exemplary people who teach there, all pupils graduate with a full spectrum of tools and knowledge ready to help them succeed in life and their careers.