Understand the Importance of the Meaning of Life

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your life? Better still, how do you know if you are living the goal of your life or not?

Here is a very simple test: If you are not living every day with enthusiasm, energy and passion, then no you are not living the real purpose of your life. So what is the meaning of life ?

This may seem quite severe as a criterion. After all, how could someone enthusiastically live everyday?

It would be boring, right?

Yet it is possible. And no, it’s not boring to live like this. We are not talking about jumping around and hopping around screaming that life is good, although that could happen for some.

I’m also not talking about being happy 100% of the time, never feeling an ounce of negativity, although it can happen on certain days as well.

In truth, we speak to you of a constant and interior peace towards yourself. This is a kind of feeling deep in your soul. When you know your place in the world and do what it takes to be happy.

Even if you have an unhappy personality by nature, or have lived the 20, 30, 40 years of your life with boredom, this is also for you. When you discover and really live your purpose in life, your existence is transformed in an incredible way. This is something that you will understand by experiencing it.

For nihilists who think life has no meaning, you may think this article is just a bunch of nonsense. For the more apathetic of you who don’t care about having a goal or not, you can treat this article with disdain. 

A goal in life? Who is interested in it?

There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are here and you are reading this article, it is for a reason, conscious or not. I invite you to read this article with an open mind, like that of a child who would observe a phenomenon for the first time.

Imagine a child receiving a new toy

Would the child leave with prejudices? No. He would take the toy, examine it carefully trying to understand how it works, and play seriously without despising or disinterested in it.


In the same way, we invite you to read this article with the same attitude: an open mind, without prejudice or contempt. After all, we are all here to learn. In the end, you have nothing to lose by reading this article, if not a quarter of an hour. If you didn’t like what you read, then you can close the tab and continue doing what you were doing. You have the right to continue living through your own vision, with no obligation to change anything. We do not have the power to change anything in you.