Composition in photography is the method by which the elements are arranged in a photograph. And when it comes to travel photographers the use of composition templates and techniques can be a lifesaver to these professionals.

There are no set rules to clicking creative photographs however there are certainly some well-known ideas that have accumulated over the years that help an individual to take snaps of scenes and people in a more interestingly dynamic manner.

The rules of composition photography.

Without clear cut rules to define composition photography, some methods can make it easier to follow a standard process to get better results,

THE RULE OF THIRDS: one of the most referenced photographic techniques. It divides the frame into nine rectangles i.e. three across and three down. Placing the important elements of the scene along with the places where the lines are intersecting, this helps to break the habit of only placing the subject in the middle of the frame aiding in a more visually appealing image.

THE RULE OF ODD: the rule of odds dictates that a photograph is a more visually appealing prospect if it has several odd elements. For example, three people in a portrait shot or an image of five apples in a farmers market.

THE RULE OF 10THS: quite alike the rules of thirds but a step further, this trick is breaking an image into 100 equal parts. Feelings of emptiness convey around the subjects probabilities and purposes creating a dramatic result emphasizing a more mysterious aspect of the photo

THE LEFT TO RIGHT MOTION: Any motion in an image should be set to move from left to right because in practice and theory humans tend to read an image in the same manner as we read a particular text. But some rules are made to be not followed which can sometimes prove interesting.

The best photography composition platforms online.

Photo lemur is one such platform that uses various photography composition techniques to enhance image automatically because it is powered by complex algorithms and a super-intelligent AI feature. Make sure to visit their blog site to learn more about different technologies such as selfie drones.