3 Red Flags in an Enrichment Centre in Singapore To Look Out For


When looking for an enrichment centre in Singapore for your child, it’s crucial to look out for any red flags. Enrolling your child in a terrible tuition centre won’t just be a waste of money for you – it might also worsen your child’s performance. Before you enrol your child for primary maths, English, or science tuition in Singapore, be aware of the three red flags below.

1. They lack standards for their tutors.

Do their tutors have any credentials? If not, do they have experience with tutoring that showed positive results? The quality of the instructors says a lot about the management of the tuition centre. If possible, try listening in on a tutoring class. During secondary math tuition in Singapore, does the tutor explain the process of finding the answer? Is the tutor willing to help students who are struggling to understand? Remember that these are the people who will guide your child through their academics. Find one that you can trust wholeheartedly.

2. They have no positive testimonials.

Many tuition centres that offer secondary science or English tuition in Singapore show off any positive reviews they receive. After all, social proof is one of the most effective ways to sell your services. If a tuition centre doesn’t display testimonials on its website, search online or ask around. See what other people have to say. If you receive negative feedback, that’s a clear sign to stay away.

3. Lack of communication.

Screening those who manage the enrichment centre in Singapore is crucial since that’s how you can spot the worst red flags. Remember to ask them questions and see how they respond. How do you make the course plan? How will you update the parents? If they don’t have clear and decisive answers, they might not communicate clearly with you in the future.

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