Book Your Seat in the IITs through the JEE Exam

Every year lakhs of students appear for the JEE exam from all over India. The goal is to rank as high as possible and grab a seat in their preferred institution. These institutions, mostly IITs, are highly celebrated and respected for their education. Studying in an IIT is a dream for many students but sadly, the number of seats available in these institutions are very limited. This is the reason for such cutthroat competition in the JEE exams. The way JEE exams are held is first students have to give the JEE Mains exam. Depending on the results of Jee Mains, only half or sometimes less than half of all students qualify for the JEE Advanced exams. The scores of this exam decide what rank you fall in nationwide. This is the reason why every PCM/PCMB student studies so hard as well as has their concepts and doubts clear. Students mostly opt for coaching classes to help them study and understand better. There are better options available!

The playing field however has changed over the course of years. A few years ago, books and worksheets given by coaching classes were the only ways to practice problems. The Internet has become a game-changer in this case,  it is now possible to access thousands of books in the form of pdf on the internet. Not only do you find a plethora of questions to practice on the internet, but also resources that help you find answers to those questions in case you are stuck. From the “doubt clear karne wala app” to lectures of professors of universities from across the world, the resources available today for one to learn are great in quality as well as quantity. The road to IIT is a difficult one for students who have so much to learn, understand, practice and then apply.

JEE exams have three subjects in total. Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Students are expected to be well versed in the topics of each subject for the exam. The syllabus is very vast as well as practical but if you understand the concepts and practice them, you will learn better. One of the most common reasons why many students fail is because they don’t ask doubts or don’t ask doubts till it is completely clear. Getting a helping hand from someone or something can be a great way to overcome the challenge you are facing. It can be your professor or a  “maths solve karne wala app”, the aim is to clear your doubts so that you understand the whole concept better. An unsolved doubt is most likely to create confusion later and remain unsolved.  Try to get your doubt solved the moment you have one and never be shy to ask a doubt. Use apps and websites that answer the “why” behind your questions and not just final solutions. The journey is difficult with persistence and understanding being the keys to the destination.

Keep studying!