Engaging Children Learners With Real World Topics

A great way to teach English to young children would be to use the objects or real-world events around us. This is because children are naturally curious individuals keen to learn more about the world. As such, rather than keeping the English enrichment class as strictly conceptual, it is much more effective to try incorporating real world examples that your students can relate to.

In this article, we will be looking at 4 ways in which pre-school teachers can engage their students even as they teach new vocabulary.

Calendar Discussion & Review

Calendar time is typically how preschool educators start their days, and your class doesn’t need to be a deviation. Calendar time is excellent for examining the days of the week and the months of the year. You can likewise utilize the opportunity to examine and exercise English numbers if you count the overall number of days class has been in session. Count by 1s, tens, and hundreds once the overall number of days gets that high.

Talking About the Weather

Speaking about the weather is an additional excellent way to start preschool classes. You can put up a sign for today’s weather condition, talk about the other day’s climate, and make forecasts concerning tomorrow’s weather condition. Ensure you have a location on your wall where you can paste the different weather words and where you can show the one that optimally explains the world on the other side of the classroom.

Question and Answer

A question is a effective yet easy means to start the day in a preschool classroom. Try asking one pupil a question and afterwards handing them a stuffed toy or other things. They hold that toy as they answer and after that ask the very same question to an additional individual in class before passing on the stuffed animal to them. That individual then answers the question, asks another person, and hands the toy along. Proceed up until every person has had an opportunity to address and ask the question finishing up by answering the question yourself and repossessing the stuffed animal.


Labelling can be a great means to recall new vocabulary. We already discussed a bit how labelling can be used during an art project, yet you can also make use of labelling in a class or with photos.

If you’re attempting to instruct the names of different items in the class, tasking your pupils with creating labels for them can be an excellent means to get them up and moving– and speaking! As soon as the tags are developed, be sure to laminate them. You can utilize them with all kind of games, from treasure hunts to interactive matching or memory games.