Grab the tips for writing and speaking exams in Level A2 English test

While applying for the UK visa, the applicant has to undergo A2 English Test i.e. the intermediate level of English test suitable for the Visa extension process. A2 Level of English test tests both writing and speaking proficiency of the applicant.

Through the effective tips enlisted here, the applicant can get an outline about tests included in the A2 Level.

Writing tips for Level A2

In the writing test, the applicant has to indulge their mind in two tasks that occur for about 30 minutes. During the whole test, the applicant can use a printed dictionary which is a piece of sweet news for the applicants.

Task 1 – Form Filling

The applicant of the a2 English test has to fill in a form that includes 6 major questions. Out of the 6 questions, three questions will be easier for which the applicants have to answer just a word and the applicants have to leave around 10 to 15 words for the rest three questions.


  • Read each question carefully without any hurry. Make sure you are sailing in the right boat i.e. the right answer
  • Double-check whether you are enrolling the right information in the line that the applicant ought to write
  • Don’t try to be a poet in your answers. Stick to use the simple present or simple past sentences
  • Before moving further to Task 2, eye down your work whether it is okay to proceed

Task 2 – Message Writing

In this task, the applicant has to choose either a postcard or an email. It specifies the applicants to write about 50 words.


  • Once the applicant chooses the task, it is necessary to grab the known points in before writing. The notes and the information will help them to come up with decent work.
  • If the applicant plans correctly, then tackling the task will be easier
  • Do not try to go beyond the words. Just write about 50 words approximately.
  • Try to use pronouns which makes the reader go along with the passage quickly

Speaking tips for Level A2

The spoken exam includes four tasks for the A2 level exam. Usually, there will be two candidates in the Spoken exam. Here is the list of tasks the applicant has to encounter with his/her partner in the exam.

  • Interview task
  • Picture sequence task
  • Transactional Dialogues
  • Communications Dialogues


  • To crack all the four tasks there will be few crisscrosses which the applicant has to pass cleverly.
  • On the whole, it is necessary to give short answers during the interview session.
  • In the picture sequence, try to give your version of the story in which the notes you have taken earlier will help you better.
  • The next role play task will help the examiner to have informal conversations with you and get a role card to play. Take turns with your partner and be smart in doing the cards.
  • Once the applicant is done with the role-play task, the final card will get you four questions in which you have to answer your partners’ question and vice versa. Deal it wisely.

Before attending the original scenario, try taking a2 English test at some random online sites and get prepared. With the help of the tips, the applicant can come across the A2 level exam easily without any hassle.