Growth and Development Through Chinese Classes

Mandarin is one of the official languages of Singapore. It is due to the long heritage that traces back to the establishment of the country. With this, learning such a language impacts the culture and economy.

Parents enrol their children on a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore to provide them with a formal education in learning the language.

Here are the features of a Chinese class for kids in Singapore that make them unique.


The traditional method of teaching the Chinese language is usually rigid and authoritative. It is somehow ineffective because the world has changed a lot, and some things might no longer be applicable.

Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers nowadays utilise modern teaching methods that promote an interactive and engaging class. Kids are now learning the language through fun activities that are more effective than the traditional way. These include language games, storytelling, and drama performances.


Learning a language stretches further than the ability to communicate in a certain way. Culture also plays a role because it shapes the way people communicate.

With the help of interactive activities like a Chinese speech and drama in Singapore, the child also learns about certain cultural traditions. They are experiencing something new that contributes to their overall learning process.

Children are not just learning a new language but immersing themselves in a culture outside of their own.


Tremendous development happens during the preschool age of children. They are constantly discovering and learning things about their immediate environment. It is also the stage where they learn new skills such as reading and writing.

Participating in a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore will help the development and growth of the child. On top of learning a new language, they also learn skills such as creativity when using their Chinese composition book.

Children are highly-capable people who are on the journey of learning things about their environment. Visit Edugrove to learn more about how they can provide a wonderful learning experience.