How Can Building A Superior Vocabulary Help You Excel In Life?

Did you ever feel intimidated by someone who used ostentatious jargon? Better vocabulary is more expressive, as it can convey emotions more precisely. The better your vocabulary is, the most dynamically you will be able to express yourself. You can only paint your thoughts, ideas, and emotions more vividly when your vocabulary is strong enough to express yourself better. In addition to being familiar with new words, you need to be able to speak them correctly, in the proper context, and a natural manner. If you learn English pronunciation correctly and have a strong vocabulary,  you can interact with others confidently without any impediment and participate in any conversation uninhibitedly.

Some of the easiest ways to build a better vocabulary are as follows:

  • Develop Regular Reading Habit- Reading regularly introduces us to new ideas, broadens our perspective, and helps us build a better vocabulary. There are many ways to learn English words but what is needed is discipline and consistency to see impactful results. Readers can become leaders as they dive into others’ minds and explore new ideas and ways of thinking. It brushes up our problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. 
  • Easy Access to Dictionary- Downloading a dictionary on your phone or carrying a small dictionary with you where you can also get an idea of the context it can be used. Keeping a dictionary handy helps to look up any word conveniently. 
  • Play Quizzes- Playing quizzes and games like crosswords can introduce you to new words, sharpen your presence of mind, and increase your retention power. The more you recall the words, the more they will become permanently etched in your mind so that you can use them naturally in conversations.
  • Read Newspaper- In the newspaper, events and occurrences are described very articulating and descriptively. So, reading newspapers helps you to present your ideas unequivocally in front of others, thus avoiding ambiguity and misinterpretations.
  • Watch Movies- Movies show people naturally talking to each other. If English is not your first language, catching words and phrases along with accent, dialect, and flow of speech can help you enhance your skills. You can learn to speak like native speakers, use slang, etc., to blend better with the native crowd. Watching people talk helps you upgrade your vocabulary and catalyzes your learning speech. 
  • Podcasts- You get to learn a lot from listening to a bunch of native speakers discussing topics that pique your interest, and that also helps build up your vocabulary a lot. You get to learn a lot from listening to a bunch of native speakers discussing different topics, and that also helps build up your speech a lot. Using new words and phrases provides you the superpower to communicate better with others. You can listen to podcasts while on the go, waiting in the queue, shopping for groceries, traveling, and more. It is an easy and fun way to upgrade your knowledge and diversify your perspective. 
  • Practice- This is probably the most important thing you need to do to upgrade your vocabulary effectively. Practice as much as you can. Getting to know new words is great, but their importance can only be realized once you start using them regularly. So, consciously practice speaking new words that you teach you that you can remember for a more extended period and speak them naturally in your sentences. You can also download an English learning app to catch the right pronunciation.