How To Stay Motivated With Online Study

Online study is quickly becoming the norm in Australia, and while it works for many people out there, there are certainly those who manage better with in-person learning. Although it can be a struggle sometimes, there are quite a few ways to make the experience much simpler and accessible and many of these pointers can be implemented very quickly with a little bit of time and now-how. In this article, we go over a few ways to help you more easily stay motivated with study when you have to do it online.

Routines can be very beneficial

Although you might not consider your student accommodation in Melbourne to affect your studies in any way, your study environment actually plays a huge role in how you are able to apply yourself and say motivated. The first step to creating a positive study environment is by setting up your study station in a way that eliminates distractions. More time being distracted means you’ll unnecessarily drag out your study time, which means less free time and poorer mental health. Creating a clean, quiet space away from things like Netflix and video games can often help you work much better than you thought possible. Good habits are also a highly important aspect of good study routines, as developing a healthy routine can help you to concentrate without even trying. This might mean going to bed at a sensible time, waking up early and then dedicating certain parts of the day to study. Although there should obviously be time allocated to study, taking regular breaks is also key to ensuring you retain some concentration while studying online. Without breaks you’ll likely find you get distracted more, and more distractions mean less time studying! Using small pockets of time to have a snack or take a small walk can be extremely beneficial exercises, even if they don’t feel like it.

Don’t forget to reach out when you need to

Although it might seem counterintuitive in some ways, being social and reaching out to other classmates can actually help considerably in helping you to develop healthy online study habits. Connecting with others regularly for study groups through mediums like Zoom can not only give you an excuse to improve your mental help through talking to others, it can also be a great way to improve your understanding of the course work. This leads us to our second point – asking for help should never be frowned upon. Being isolated can make us feel that we’re alone in what we need, even when it comes to learning, so reaching out and finding there are many people with the same thoughts on their mind (due to being in identical circumstances) can be hugely beneficial for self-esteem. Doing this sooner rather than later can also mean that you don’t need to catch up on too much before its too late.

Reach out before it’s too late

It can be very easy for us to put a lot of pressure on ourselves when studying remotely, but taking a moment to realise you’re not alone can help remedy ailing mental health quite considerably. Next time you’re struggling with online learning despite putting in the time and effort to make your workspace optimal for study, saying hello to your fellow students might be all you need.