Is there any problem while reading manga?

It’s ok to read manga if you are not watching anime. Contrary to what people may think, reading manga can cost much less time than anime. Unlike manga, you can’t skip the scene and still understand what’s going on in anime. You have option to skip long and messy dialogue while reading it.

Manga is a series of comic which was originated in Japan. There is different kind of categories as per the reader’s interest. There is adventure, romance, adult, thrilling and much more series available easily to make you feel relaxed and happy.

How does มังงะlook?

Generally the manga have large big eyes, and small mouth with different color of hair which looks abnormal. This kind of structure gives them unique look.

Manga is a comic or you can say these are graphic novels which attract you as it has amazing images and story line, manga generally are known for their over exaggerated emotional which they use in their story telling.

In which script these novels or comics are written?

Kanji is the format which is basically being used to write Japanese novels and comic literature. In this special form words can be read from right to ad it’s written in this form.  Reading อ่านการ์ตูน is always fun and it’s good for your brain especially beneficial for those who have ASD. 

It’s famous among kids and adult, there is various serious available for adults too, who loves sensual stories.

Does comic exist in film industry? 

These are lots of watched television and movies are based on comic books in which Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all obvious options, but did you know that The Walking Dead and Men in Black are also based on comic books?

 The adaptations of these types of stories capture the box office because people love superheroes, and superheroes originate from comic books.

As far as the มังงis concerned it is a world of fascination in which the level of illusion gets higher. While reading manga comic and novels, you can easily imagine the whole scene of the story because the style of story telling and showing image is amazing which can connect to your mind and inner soul easily. It helps to take you to the world of fantasy positively.

Manga is a comic which is based on series. People can enjoy it a lots of game.