PrivateTuition vs Group Tuition

The local primary school education is holistic and does produce intelligent students. However, not all teachers in school are quality. Some teachers rush through topics and do not ensure that students are engaged when teaching. This leaves the task of teaching to parents at home.

However, as many parents are often busy with work or are unfamiliar with the primary school syllabus and answering style, they are often not able to help their child much.

As a result, parents might consider getting their child primary school tuitionSingapore. Then comes the dilemma of whether to send your child for group tuition or home tuition. Is private tuition or group tuition more effective for your child?

In order to find out which would help your child better, we will look at the differences between private tuition and home tuition.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is also known as one-to-one tuition where the full attention of the tutor is dedicated to one student.



  • Effective in helping slow learners catch up in school
  • Full dedicated attention of tutor. Especially useful for students who need complete attention and focus of the tutors to answer their doubts
  • Tutor can monitor student’s progress. Tutor can identify specific issues a child is facing and tailor lessons to tackle these issues. Parents can be in touch with tutor to get feedback on child’s learning
  • Class method can be tailored to your child’s learning pace and learning style for maximum efficiency



  • Unable to discuss complicated problems with other students to find the solution together. 
  • Usually more expensive

Group Tuition:



  • Perfect for students with better grasping abilities
  • Less lonely compared to private tuition
  • Group study benefits. Students can collaborate to discuss and find the solutions, encouraging problem solving skills



  • Classroom environment of group tuition can cause students to lose focus and attention more easily
  • Attention of tutor is spread out among all the students in the class
  • Shy students may find it difficult to clarify doubts in a group tuition setting as well
  • Parents unable to monitor their child’s progress
  • Lessons may not necessarily be tailored to your child’s learning pace and learning style.

Whether you should opt for private tuition or group tuition for your child depends on many factor. Some of the more prominent factors include: Your child’s learning pace and style, your budget and your child’s personality. Generally, private tuition produces faster results because of the undivided attention from the tutor and the ability to customise lessons to your child, meaning no time is wasted.