Understanding NEET exams better

Students, teachers, institutes and likes have agreed that NEET is one of the most competitive and tough entrance exams in India. Some of the brightest students aspiring for a medical profession appear for this examination, to secure their positions in the top medical institutes of the nation. Quintessentially every year lakhs of students appears for the examination making it all the more stiff and competitive. In this discussion we will talk about some of the most frequently asked questions related to NEET exams.

Books to read

The examination consists of questions on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The NEET syllabus as a rule follows the NCERT books of the 11th and the 12th standards. The topics covered are given in the NCERT text books. However, following just the NCERT books alone is not exactly a great idea. As opined by crash course experts, teachers and scholars students must also refer to other books used to prepare for 11th and 12th standard science as per the other education boards of the nation. At the very onset of the preparation the aspirants must understand that cracking the exam is not an easy task and requires an extensive preparation.  To satiate this requirement you must refer to other text books than NCERT texts.

Does Average student have chance?

Average students have a more than fair chance in cracking this examination. Systematic and smart preparation along with proper guidance enhances the chances of any and every student for cracking these exams. Even average students have a high chance of securing a sat in the top medical institutions of the nation. You can also build codes and algorithms to retain more information. This is a pattern or rather a technique. The earlier students who have successfully cracked the test can help you with this art. Even some crash courses help you with this technique.

Crash courses are helpful

The ending of the last point brings us to this new point where we see that the different crash courses have a fair contribution in helping the students to crack the examination. The market has a large number of such crash courses and tuition centers. Hence you must be careful in selecting them. It is advisable that you do a proper market research while looking for these courses. They can help you with extra study materials, the art of making your own notes, doing selective a focused studies and also answer the question paper in the smartest way possible.

Follow an answer pattern

In the previous point it has been mentioned that answering the question paper in a smart and s systematic manner is more than imperative. This is one of the aspects that can improve your score, can improve your final results and can help you get selected in A list of colleges in India. Be sure of the marking pattern and on the basis of thus understanding attempt the paper in the most prudent manner. Solve as many papers as possible as an integral part of your NEET preparation.