Want To Learn Mandarin Online? Check Out These 6 Ways!

Among all languages, Chinese takes the crown as the most commonly spoken language in the world but remains one of the challenging ones to master. Besides taking a Vietnamese language course, you might want to reconsider studying a Chinese course in Singapore. The Chinese language offers more perks than you could imagine, whether for academics, career, travel, or leisure.

Besides taking an online Chinese class, here are other tactics and techniques you can use:


If you are eager to study Chinese, you should learn the proper pronunciation and tones. One good way to practice is by speaking with native speakers. Skip the online Chinese class for now and consider talking to Chinese nationals. Record yourself when talking to them and assess how your pronunciation sounds when speaking.


Besides classes that help you learn Mandarin online, you may also consider listening to Chinese music. Read the lyrics, study the melody, and thoroughly pay attention to how they pronounce and say each word. Through Chinese songs, you can learn different tones and intonation. Consider listening to nursery rhymes and classical poetry on YouTube as well.


Like English, the Chinese language also contains different grammar and structures. When you learn Mandarin online, you will also comprehend how they formulate, arrange, and structure their subject, verb, preposition, adjective, object, and the like. However, the language doesn’t differentiate genders on singular or plural nouns.


Aside from enrolling in a Chinese course in Singapore, one of the sure best and quickest ways to learn Mandarin is by immersing yourself in countries where Chinese is the primary language, such as China, Hong Kong, and the like.


If you really want to learn Mandarin online or physically, start practising speaking on your own for at least an hour every day. Keep a journal with you and write down the words you don’t know how to say in Chinese. This approach can help you learn Mandarin in your own internal conversations.


Pinyin is a phonetic approach if you badly wish to speak in Chinese. This technique is the base and foundation for many students who want to learn Mandarin, online or not. Through this, they can learn Mandarin concepts more quickly.

While studying Mandarin seems like a challenging task, taking a Chinese course in Singapore can help you a lot and overcome the challenges brought by the language. Through an online Chinese class, you can learn basic or practical proficiency.

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