What Is The Process Of The MBBS Admission In India?

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS is one of the most prestigious programs in India. It’s also well-known among all the other medical courses available across the globe. Even though it has a massive reputation, the course stands out as a challenging course within the higher education sector. The MBBS admission in India for 2021 will start soon, and individuals are gearing up to apply for this course. Taking up this course will provide you with knowledge and understanding in chemistry, method of surgery through theoretical and practical experiences. You will also learn the concepts of human anatomy, drug effects and formulation, chemistry, and pharmaceutical experience.

Things you know about the MBBS course

Before you apply, for MBBS admission in India, it will be much better to learn and understand more about this reputed program. Doing so will give you an idea of what the course provides. The duration of this particular program is for 51/2 years and you will also receive a rotating internship with it for one year. The internship course is mandatory, and you can only complete the MBBS course through an internship. The actual duration of MBBS is 41/2 years, which consists of 9 semesters and MCI or Medical Council of India is the only accreditation body within the nation for the MBBS course. It’s also responsible for revamping or structuring the entire program.

What is the admission process of the MBBS program?

For this year’s MBBS admission, it will take after the NEET UG examination is completed. It’s the only way through which you can apply for this particular program, and there is no direct admission for it as well. As an MBBS aspirant, you are requested to complete the entrance test to become eligible for admissions. The NEET UG is a national-level exam, and all the private colleges and universities are deemed to consider its course for MBBS admissions. Given below are the steps for the MBBS admissions.

  • Registration:You need to register yourself through the website of MCC or the Medical Counseling Committee. Before you register, you need to pass through the 15% AIQ (All India Quota) MBBS seats. You will find the link to the registration form available on the website, and all you need to do is click it.
  • Counseling Fee Payment:Once you have completed the registration, you must pay for the counseling fee through the online platform. There are many online payments available you can opt for the one that seems easier for you.
  • Exercising and Locking of Choices:During this particular stage, all candidates must provide their preferences. Remember, the admissions for MBBS through the NEET are based on the merit of NEET-UG. It is also based on the preferences which you submit during the counseling process. You can add all the choices you need and then lock them up to become eligible for the seat allotment.

Final Words

MBBS has always been the first-choice for individuals who wish to study more about medicines. There are many subjects available under this program, and the fees range between ₹50,000 to ₹5,00,000 per annum. Make sure to go through the admission process first before taking any step.