5 Considerable Activities to Increase Students Retentions

Every student spends hours searching for the appropriate institution before getting enrolled in one. The tight competition between institutions is a real one and getting serious as time pass. Nowadays, many institution heads are concerned regarding the enrollment of students. It was a hectic task to get the new admissions, and now retaining the student is on all of their nerves. It is a fact that almost 20 % of students drop out before completing their degree at the institution. Be it school, college, or university, all of them are facing the dropout problem. Retaining students is becoming a prime concern for many institutions. Every institution is taking measures to improve the retention rate as it is crucial for survival. The good news is that you can increase this retention rate if you consider adding few activities to your institution. Retention can be a cause of different problems that students face. As a reputed school, you can provide top-notch facilities to retain more students. You need to include digital gadgets to engage the students well in the activities, like school library management software, academic ERP. Below we are listing down the five significant tasks that can increase the retention of students.

  1. Be expressive

It is easier and effortless to win the students with your first expressions. Show the students that you are concerned about their studies and devoted to their success. Students will be more tend towards you if they sense that you struggle for their betterment and not just the money. It is advisable to keep in touch with the student throughout their journey. Send them emails and warm wishes on different occasions. Communicate through the student during the enrollment process. Do not let the student feel left out. Respond to the concerns of students with a warm and friendly tone.

  1. Regular inspection

If you do not observe the activities of students, you can lessen your retention rate. Monitoring can help you diagnose the problem at an early stage. Besides, you need to let the student know that you are monitoring their success and academic progress. If they are not doing well, do not hesitate to assign any help to them.

  1. Take feedback

As the administration, it is you how will make the decisions regarding the institution. But it will not hurt anyone if you can take feedback from your students. Taking suggestions from students will engage them in the learning process. It is always better to know things from the perspective of students. You can improve your process if you rake suggestions from students. Take a survey and ask them what they like and what they do not like in this term. How can we collectively change the negative things?

  1. Communication

Communication with the student and the parent is like a pillar of getting a higher retention rate. When you keep in contact with the guardian or parent, you can win their trust. Call for a meeting every once a month to know if you are on the right path or not.

  1. Address the risky students

By monitoring closely, you will know which students are at the risk of dropping out. Address the matter as soon as possible to stop this from happening.