What to do when your IELTS exam is 1 week away

If IELTS means a lot to you like getting admitted to your dream university, you may have put a lot at stakes. Applying to colleges abroad and for international testing systems is not without investments of time and money. It is only natural that no candidate would want to miss the chance, which for many would be a coveted one.

As the IELTS exam date draws near you might feel more stressed and it is completely normal to feel so. Different people react differently to exam pressures. Some are stress busters and would like to binge on movies and go for outings. And there are others who would become extra cautious and take all measures to avoid all possible snags and mishaps.

When your IELTS exam is just one week away, there is nothing you can do apart from putting your best foot forward. Postponing or cancellingIELTS is only permitted up to 5 weeks before the registered exam date. The center refunds your fee or transfers your date after deducting the cancellation or postponement fees. So if you need to cancel or postpone IELTS exam date apply well within time.

However if you need to cancel or postpone IELTS exam due to some critical condition you can apply up to 5 days from the test date.The British Council examining body for IELTS permits candidates to cancel or postpone IELTS test dates under the following conditions:

Serious illness or disability

You can apply for test cancellation or postponement if you succumb to serious illness or disability. The application for cancellation/postponement has to be submitted no later than 5 days from the exam date. The complete application form along with a medical certificate in original would have to be sent by registered post to British Council India Gurgaon office.

The council only accepts the original medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner through registered post. The application form also should be signed by the candidate. Cancellation requests on medical grounds are not accepted by email, only originally signed documents are considered.

The application form for test date cancellation/postponement can be downloaded from the official website of British Council India IELTS website The council would refund the test fee after deducting cancellation fee to your account within 3 to 4 weeks. If fee was paid online then the same account would be refunded that was used for making online money transfer. If fee was paid through cheque, then the candidate would also have to send a cancelled bank account cheque of the same account.

Trauma or demise of a close family member

IELTS test date cancellation/postponement request can also be raised in the event of any trauma event occurring with a candidate. Unfortunate events like demise or ICU hospitalization of close family members can be a cause of trauma. In such cases test date cancellation/postponement request application would have to be sent to the council’s Gurgaon office up to 5 days before the test date.

Filled in application form and original supporting documents would have to be sent by registered post to British Council India Gurgaon office. Supporting documents can be death certificate, FIR, police report and other relevant documents. If candidate wants to retain original copy, then the candidate friend/relative can visit Gurgaon center in person.Candidate can send a request via email to [email protected] get appointment date confirmation on mail.

IELTS test date cancellation/postponement policy

The council permits cancellation of IELTS exam date only once. Candidate cannot apply for cancellation of exam date against the rebooked exam date even for critical condition. For postponement of exam date request candidate has to select exam date that is within three months of the original date. Exam date can be postponed only once.

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