Different classification of pencils:

Pencils are cheap writing utensils which are made up of graphite powder mixed with clay. It produces grey or black mark which can be erased.  They have various hardness degrees for different areas of paper to use. The pencils are available in different designs, and they are effortless to handle. They can write correctly at any temperature. The words written in pencils have a high resistance to light. If it is blunt, you can sharpen and use it. You can get a pencil in every stationery shop near you. Here you can see the different classification of the pencil.

Graphite pencil:

 A graphite pencil is also known as the lead pencil, it is the type of pencil in which a thin graphite core is embedded in a shell of other material. This pencil shell is mostly wooden but can be made up of plastic or recycled paper. They consist of many levels of darkness, which are used for a different kind of purpose. The graphite pencil is the popular stationery items which all the school children use.

Charcoal pencil:

 Charcoal pencils are shaped like a stick and made up of charcoal. The charcoal pencil is used for a detailed drawing of art. You can use the charcoal pencil in all the types of paper and it is very smooth to handle. It is used for blending darker and lighter areas of the drawing. It helps to create a shadow effect.

Coloured pencils:

Colour pencils are wax-based cores which have pigments mixed with colour in addition. It is used for colouring an art. The children will love to use colour pencils very often. It will make many beautiful arts which will attract the people more.

Watercolour pencils:

The watercolour pencil is a subtype of coloured pencils. It is made of a material which can be dissolved in water. They are used with standard watercolour to leave sharp lines between colours and make gradients to dissolve in water.

Carpenters pencil:

 Carpenters pencil is made up of strong graphite in an oval body shape. They designed to be durable, not to break easily and not to roll off the desk. The carpenters used this pencil while they are marking on the board.

Copying pencil:

Copying pencil can be written as an ordinary pencil. But when water is added to the pencil mark, it will dissolve and copy to the other paper by pressing on it. The copying pencil is very popular these days.

Mechanical pencil:

The mechanical pencil uses the mechanism to push the lead through the hole at the end. They use a unique lead with a precise diameter for the pencil they use. It can give different darkness like broader, thinner and small. It can be used for writing and drawing.

Bottom line:

A pencil is eco-friendly. The pencil is made up of wood because it does not harm the environment. A pencil has more flexibility, and it is more artistic. So buy the pencil according to your need and use it freely.