First Aid: practical aspects

When we talk about first aid we use ABC rather often. In that case, the abbreviation stands for such medical options as airway, breathing, circulation and a further mentioned method of defibrillation. These aspects are concerned with Sanitätsdienst München as step-by-step options precede emergency services. 

What ABCD stands for

  • airway (firstly, you have to check airway for clearance to avoid choking and fatal ending in result)
  • breathing (rescue breathing should be provided if the person is not available to breathe because of choking)
  • circulation (the chest compressions are required to regulate circulation, after which you have to check the pulse)
  • defibrillation (it may be suggested as a part of circulation or the fourth essential step of defibrillation of the heart)

Mind, additional treatments are required after strict following of the rules. Only after ABC accomplishment you can run the further aspects. To maintain the aim properly you need to follow the rules of ABC in the right order. Sometimes two points can be combined (if the person isn’t breathing and you cannot check the pulse).

What to do before providing the help

Primary surveys must be provided to ensure you how to deal and what steps to choose before asb sanitätsdienst münchen arrives.


All hazardous objects should be moved away from injured individuals. You have to remove the person in a more secure place to reduce the influence of dangerous things.You must be safe: if you couldn’t provide your safety call for professionals. 


After the area is straightforwardly secure try to get acquainted with the person. You may give some questions about the location of his pain, if he or she remembers some personal details, how the individual occurs in that situation. It is important to know whether the injured person is ready to respond. After you put a person in a recovery position, call for an ambulance.