How to write a perfect college Assignment in 2 hours

When you are in college you have to deal with so many things. Attending lectures, making notes, preparing for exams, having fun with friends, and whatnot? In addition to all these things is “College Assignment”. Every week the professor gives assignments and you cannot skip that as your exam grades are linked to it. You thought of doing the assignment today, then it goes to tomorrow, and lastly, all you have is the last night to complete it. Does that sound familiar to you? Have you also struggled with completing the assignment and thought of any magic through which you can complete it quickly? Don’t worry it is not rocket science. In this blog, we will tell you the tips through which you can complete your assignment in just two hours. Sounds interesting right?

Time management

When you realize that tomorrow is the deadline for your assignment submission you get panic. In that situation, your mind is not able to think properly and you are not able to figure out what you have to write. Relax, what you need to do is to plan your time. For example, you have 8 hours left in submitting your assignment. Just check how much time you need to do the research and how much time you need to have for the writing part. Supposedly you are good at writing and can easily frame sentences so you can give some extra time to research as you can do writing quickly. However, you must also keep in mind that all assignment needs editing at the end hence you must also have time for that.

Focus on work

We all know that college life means friends, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But you should also keep in mind that in the end when you pass out from college your grades will matter a lot. Hence while writing an assignment you should keep all these social media platforms notifications on mute otherwise you will keep distracted. You will not be able to focus on ideas and writing which will further cause a delay in your assignment.

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Understand the question

Every assignment revolves around some question which you need to answer. Hence you must identify the question first as after identifying the question you will start your research. For example, suppose you have to write an assignment on “Stream of Consciousness”. You know this topic exists in both english literature as well as in psychology. So you need to first see whether your professor is asking for the psychology theory or he wants you to write about concepts of literature. Before writing any assignment you need to be clear with the guidelines. Suppose your assignment is not according to the guideline it might get rejected.

Read extensively

Initially, you will not able to get what is important to write and what is not hence you must read everything about the topic. You should look at the research papers which are available on websites like, JSTOR, or Shodhganga. You can read topics from books. Google books and amazon ebooks will provide you books instantly. This will help you to jot down important points about your topic which you can use to frame your answer.

Prepare argument

Just as your question revolves around some topic your answer must also revolve around a thesis statement. You must prepare all your argument using your thesis statement. For example, you are writing upon “Nepotism in Bollywood” hence your thesis statement must be “Nepotism is everywhere but Bollywood is highlighted”. And then you present positive as well as negative argument to support your thesis statement. Note your assignment must carry your thoughts and opinion but it should not neglect facts and information

Prepare the draft

This goes with every assignment. You must have an introduction, a body part, and then a conclusion. You must start with an introductory thesis statement. It should be powerful and effective. Then you should move on to the body part which typically has all your argument. Lastly, the conclusion which sums up all your arguments.

Editing and proofreading

You must proofread before submitting as your assignment may contain a lot of mistakes. Hence it should be well-read before submission.

I hope all these tips will help you with writing assignments in less time. If still you are not able to write an assignment and the deadline is near. Feel free to contact us. Google “Myessayassignment” and you will find the best experts who will complete your assignment hassle-free and within a timespan.