How To Crack the CAMS Exam?

This post is a brief guide on how to crack the CAMS exam. You will learn about the test preparations that include an ACAMS study guide and the potential opportunities.

What is the CAMS Exam?

ACAMS is the largest community in the world that focuses on the prevention of financial crime. It is the abbreviation of Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists. They are the gold standard for AML certifications worldwide.

ACAMS hosts the CAMS exam for getting the relevant certification. You can only take a CAMS exam at a Pearson Vue testing center near you. You may apply for the exam first, preferably online. Then with the help of a study guide, you can prepare for the test. The study guide is available in pdf format for easier access.

How Do You Prepare for the CAMS Exam?

The CAMS exam is available in 12 languages like English, French, and Spanish. Below are the top tips for you to prepare for the exam.

●     Study well.

It goes without saying for any credible exam certifications. You cannot try your luck with an exam like the CAMS test. You should follow a disciplined structure to study the materials in association with the subject matter.

You may contact experts in the field or join public forum discussions to stay updated on the subject. You should motivate yourself to a well-planned study mode and prepare in connection with the industry standards.

●     Refer to external sources.

While it is vital to concentrate on study guides & research materials, you should not leave out external sources. It is relevant if you are trying to learn about the compliance industry trends. It may also enable you to prepare for specific professional opportunities after clearing the exam.

●     Attend sample tests.

It is always significant to test yourself with the studies throughout sample tests. You may try them yourself or attend ones at a test center or in online mode. The beneficial thing about attending tests is that it will raise your confidence with measuring your skills & knowledge. Try to attend as many tests as possible before appearing for the main exam.

●     Prepare for practical-oriented questions.

You will need to stick to a practical mode while attending the exam. It will be based on real-life experiences & scenarios on compliance, risk, financial crime, etc.

●     Stick to the basic concept.

Even after trying out the practical situations, you should stick to the subject matter for the exams. It is applicable for you irrespective of your experience in the compliance domain. Make sure that you follow the book while attending the exam.

●     Try and get real-life experience.

You may know a lot, and you can study a lot about compliance & financial crime. However, nothing will top the experience you gain from real-life scenarios depicting genuine applications of the subject matter. Never lose a chance to work on practical live projects. It will help you in the bigger picture too.


The top opportunities for ACAMS certified candidates lie in the compliance domain. The main opportunities that are available if you clear the CAMS exam are as follows.

  • KYC Compliance Analyst.
  • Due Diligence Executive.
  • Head of Compliance.
  • Threat Finance Analyst.
  • Sanctions Analyst.
  • Risk Analyst.
  • Control Officer.
  • Audit Manager.
  • Project Manager.
  • Affluent Client Acquisition Manager.
  • Compliance Director.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Analyst.
  • Financial Crime Analyst.
  • Senior Compliance roles in banks and non-banking financial institutions.


ACAMS study guide is a part of every package of the CAMS study materials. It is crucial to note that the exam tests your capability of ACAMS knowledge at the maximum level. Once you clear the exam, a whole host of opportunities await you in the professional world. You may also continue as a forum advisor or an influencer if your credentials are excellent.