When do I start raising the child

The time to start raising a child

Raising a child starts from about five months of age, when raising the child and teaching him the difference between right and wrong should be done very early, so if the child does some of his parents when they behave disturbingly, then not directly dealing with this behavior teaches the child that there is nothing wrong with biting when He feels angry. [1]




Methods of raising a child

There are many methods for raising a child, including the following: [2]


Providing support to the child, by teaching him that the relationship between him and the family is a relationship of mutual support,

Mutual respect, this is by listening to the child, focusing on what he says, and caring for him.

Using firmness with the child, by not compromising the rules and housework.

Explain that life is not always fair, so that the child is not disappointed or disappointed.


Parents should avoid resorting to beating for several reasons, including: The child will learn that it is better to resort to beating when he is angry, and that he will physically harm children, make them afraid of their parents and instead of changing their behavior they will try not to know their parents about it, but for children who try to draw Attention will make them hit by trying to get negative attention. [3]




Benefits of raising a child

Raising children has benefits, including promoting good behavior in children, and parents must follow an appropriate plan for that, as punishing children is not an easy or desirable task for parents, the type of punishment and consequences varies according to the child’s age, and children usually misbehave when they experience feelings that are not They know how to express it, and parents can use punishment to know what a child feels so that they can teach him appropriate behavior, and parents must develop solutions to eliminate bad behavior in the future. [4]





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