What is the role of a tutor in clearing your kid’s 11 plus exam?

Every parent wants their kids to excel in their studies and to see them in a good place in the future. To make any student sign in their life, encouraging teachers and effective learning is most important. When the kids learn with enjoyment and more interaction, they will get the knowledge in their mind clearly and can apply it anytime. The 11 plus exams are most important for the kid’s education and it is a keystone to get into an excellent education. They conduct this for the students of age group 11 to 12, who are at the end of their primary education. When they are entering the secondary grades, they consider the score of these 11 plus exams for the academic selection. It is a general test to evaluate the intelligence of the kids in the problem-solving aspect.

11 Plus exams include the tests on

  • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • English
  • Mathematics

Since it comprises 4 subjects, you need to find the right subject and have a specific goal in achieving your aim.

Why you need a tutor:

There are many tutors available to train the students to perform well in their exams. The 11 plus tutor helps the students to generate their own interest in their academic subjects and makes them understand everything practically rather than memorizing all the concepts. Analyzing every concept and applying them will help people throughout their life. Tutors are available as online tutoring, independent tutors, and tutoring centers and agencies, and the selection of the service is purely depending on the parent’s and student’s wishes.

  • They will understand the content and exams clearly and share their experiences to clear the exams well.
  • The tutors will help to determine the learning schedule. They help to increase the confidence in the kids and to make them clearly focus.
  • Problem-solving skill is most important and the tutor should guide the teach the children on this to improve their performance, prioritize their answering skills, and to develop a positive attitude.
  • Most tutors will give the practice worksheets for the students to learn at home and they share the performance feedback regularly with the parents to understand their kid’s improvement in studies.

Tips to follow while selecting the tutor:

  • Choose the facility which offers the classroom and online learningand the one that follows the practice test and concepts rather than teaching everything on the academic books.
  • The tutor should be always available to solve all the doubts, and hence it is mandatory to check for the maximum teaching sessions they support.
  • The tutors should be more supportive of the students to achieve and manage their academic goals
  • Ask for their learning style, pass rate and verify their qualifications and reviews before hiring them.
  • Select the tutor who pays individual attention to your children by understanding their ability and skill clearly.
  • Check for their fees and cancellation policies, as most tutors charge weekly for their teaching service.
  • Verify the duration of each lesson and their quality of teaching and experience.
  • The tutor should pass the criminal record check and should have the clearance form for not involving in any of the criminal offenses.
  • They should teach them all the application and time management skills and shortcut techniques to complete their competitive exams with no stress. It helps to improve skill, speed, and accuracy.