The Precious Skill -Time Management for Engineering Graduates

Most of the technical student’s career or life associated with career starts with the Engineering Degree. Most of the students acquire different skills, both related to their studies or soft skills during their life at Engineering College. Also, someway or other the management skill related to time is also developed during this time.

You may wonder why this article is dedicated to the engineering graduates instead of being dedicated to the general student fraternity. There are reasons. Engineering students are found to have two distinctive things, firstly most of the engineering courses are compulsorily residential and secondly all of them are found to be much stressful and difficult in terms of syllabus volume, tight schedule etc. Most of the students are found very stressed during the submissions, examination writing or during their preparation of project which is to be submitted within a short time. Also, another factor is that many students opt for a part time job while pursuing their studies. This decision may be motivated by different necessities or requirements, but one can not deny this fact.

If we carefully look into, we will see that the reasons all head to a single origin which is improper handling of time. Time management is the sole thing which takes care of these issues which appear as a problem. We may try to define time management first. Time management is the systemic scheduling of tasks against time and appropriate execution of the same.

We know what Tom Greening said about time management and planning, it is ”All time management begins with planning”.

The following are the strategies to effectively manage time:

  1. Prepare a checklist like To-Do list where define all the tasks and their corresponding accomplishment times. This will help you immensely to organise the works in timely fashion.
  2. You can use various tools that are available, like organizer etc or even you can pin tiny papers on your study tables where you can write the tasks in different colours.
  3. If you fail to stick to any of the strategies that are to be employed effectively, there is another way. You can always reach out to the Educational Consultants, who provide a range of services including guidance about time management. Kalika Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is one of such education consultancies situated in Delhi.
  4. Don’t allow you to get distracted. Most of the time, people fails to utilize times efficiently for getting distracted in different things like social media, unnecessary gossip etc. Also, make sure you have a secluded and isolated place for study, because most of time, in hostel or in the residential accommodation provided by the Institute are shared in nature and it can easily case you getting distracted.
  5. One saying goes that scheduling the priorities will make you an efficient time manager rather while prioritizing what is there on schedule is definitely not.