What to Ask a Prospective Tutor

While some parents engage tutors to help their kids get past academic challenges, other parents do it to push and encourage their kids in ways that might not be feasible in a classroom. Learning Chinese fits into both groups.


Parents must take the time to choose and select a tutor who will fit their child’s learning style and personality, regardless of the tutoring’s intended goal. Before commencing classes, make sure your teacher has answered the following queries to verify you have chosen the best tutor for your child:


What is your teaching style? 

It can be challenging for teachers to adapt their classroom lessons to each student’s chosen learning style because every student learns in a unique way. 


However, the right private tutor can adapt lessons to match your child’s needs if they are a strong auditory learner (learns best by hearing), a visual learner (learns best through seeing), or a kinesthetic learner (learns best through experience). Before you employ the instructor, ask if they can create courses that correspond to your child’s preferred learning style.

What is your strategy for helping my kid?

Although the answer will disclose the thought process of your Chinese tutor Singapore for identifying your child’s needs and developing a strategy to get the desired results, this may appear like a loaded question to someone who has not yet met your child or even seen examples of his school work. 


The ideal tutor will have a plan, and perhaps even specific techniques, for locating issues and comprehending the pupil’s learning style. A good tutor will also understand how crucial it is to set quantifiable, attainable goals for performance development with the student and, in some situations, the parents.

Why do you tutor? 

Building a beneficial learning relationship between a O-level Chinese tuition and a student is the goal of tutoring. The best tutors are those that are enthusiastic about their subject and get satisfaction from seeing their pupils achieve. While many tutors teach as a primary or secondary source of income, the ideal tutor will have a stake in your child’s development and be patient and willing to go above and beyond to ensure your child’s success.

Do you have any references? Have you ever dealt with students in my child’s shoes?

References that are unbiased, trustworthy, and helpful might be difficult to find. Lesson ratings and written testimonials from actual students who have previously worked with teachers are compiled by online tutoring markets. You can gain essential knowledge about a tutor’s subject knowledge and personality by reading third-party reviews from parents and students who have worked with one. Asking for recommendations is still advisable if you decide to choose a tutor on your own rather than through a reliable marketplace; however, the reference you obtain might not be an entirely unbiased source.

How can you support my kid in becoming a self-directed, independent learner?

The student will develop into a more engaged, independent learner with the aid of the most beneficial and productive tutoring partnerships. Although memorization and mastery of extremely particular subjects or abilities may produce some outcomes, they are ultimately a temporary fix to the student’s larger educational needs. 


Even while some sessions could concentrate on a particularly challenging subject, your child will overcome the following challenges, prevent future aggravation, and excel as a student if they learn to comprehend and appreciate the learning process, theory, and reasoning behind topics.