Best Tips for Successful Online Learning

Distance learning, online seminars and conferences are becoming more and more part of our lives. And they can and should be used to your advantage. Moreover, they are suitable for different purposes: self-development, professional growth, the desire to learn something new, or just as a hobby. The possibilities are enormous, but why, according to statistics, only about 4% of the original participants end up finishing the chosen course? Undoubtedly, the reasons may be different, but very often this happens due to the human factor: no time, not enough discipline, no motivation… This makes our question relevant: how to take into account all the nuances and effectively study online?

Choose interesting courses

Having looked through the list of available courses on at least 5 of the most popular platforms, your head can go dizzy from their variety and “necessity”. “It would be nice to learn to program… financial management will help me manage my personal finances … knowing the basics of a healthy diet will have a beneficial effect on my health.” But, having signed up for all these courses, over time, you will lose motivation and the desire to learn anything. Why is this happening?

The global reason is lack of interest. Initially, it can be caused by many things- what is popular, important, necessary. But the desire to complete the course will appear only when the topic is really interesting and relevant for you.

Motivate yourself

We believe that you already know about the importance of setting goals. There is a saying that a man without a goal is like a ship without a steering wheel. In our case, you need a clear idea of ​​why you are doing and what you will get in the end.

This is relatively easy to do. It is enough to answer a couple of questions. Why do I need this course, and where can I apply the acquired knowledge? It doesn’t matter if you are learning HTML and CSS to create your own website, or if you subscribe to a series of literary lectures on French poetry because you are writing poetry. The main thing is to be clearly aware of your goals, the significance of which for you will be the best incentive to practice.

One thing at a time

An old, kind and working principle. You should not sign up for several subjects at once and demand from yourself the maximum return on each of them. The authors of the courses indicate how much time you need to devote weekly, on average 3-5 hours. Now imagine that you are interested and subscribed to 3 different subjects. It turns out that in order to follow the schedule (and these are just lectures and recommended additional materials), you will need 15 hours a week. Obviously, this is quite a lot, especially for those who are already studying or working.

Be disciplined

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything without discipline. Of course, you can study from time to time, looking at the monthly volume of lectures for 2 days off and not paying attention to exams, but how effective will such learning be? It is better to choose a convenient time for yourself, set aside 3 days a week, add them to the schedule and start. So you will develop a positive habit and after a month any discomfort will disappear.

Learn extra

Even choosing a topic in which you are well versed, you should be prepared for the fact that there will be incomprehensible moments. In order to correct gaps in knowledge use rto training materials. Make sure that you are always giving your best in order to improve your knowledge.

Take notes and use other traditional tricks

Taking notes helps to better remember information and, if necessary, make it easier to reproduce them. This is the goal of every learning process. You can also use the methods of organising the educational process known from the school bench:

Organise your workspace so that it is convenient for you, and everything you need is at hand;

Try not to be distracted under any pretext;

Take breaks while leaving your computer or laptop.


Remember that your best motivation is yourself and your results. For some reason, you signed up for this course and came to study. Set clear goals for your learning. Make sure to follow our advice and let the learning be a fun and enjoyable process. Good luck!